Objective of Pursuing an Industrial Engineering Course

Topics: Engineering, Supply chain management, Systems engineering Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: January 13, 2012
I have been working as a Lithography Process Engineer for 6 years in the semiconductor field. During these years, I have gained much exposure on the importance of industrial and system engineering in the management of the semiconductor industry especially in dealing with optimizing complex processes and systems. My team and I are constantly looking for new ways to improve our processes such as optimizing tool processing time to increase productivity. More than often, we are involved in data analysing and looking for new ways to solve problems effectively. I realised that my passion and job satisfaction comes from being able to find engineering solutions to chronic problems.

During my course of work, I am also actively involved in new prototype development. By having a deeper understanding on how the integrated systems of processes, systems, resources and information works, I will be able to deal with new product development efficiently as well as be able to make timely and informed decisions. This is important towards building a lean manufacturing environment.

Industrial and System Engineering also gives me to opportunity to practise in a variety of businesses. The knowledge and exposure that I will gain in industrial and system engineering not only enable me to contribute tremendously in my current semiconductor working environment but also enable me to embark on a different working field such as health system management or supply chain management. Besides being able to upgrade my skills, I am also able to increase my marketability in the competitive job market. Industrial engineering is more related to management than most other engineering disciplines. I hope that I will be able to design solutions to improve the performance of complex systems make up of resources, technology and information and contribute to making a productive nation.
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