Objective Evaluation of Foods

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Objective Evaluation of Foods


Jessa Mae L. Cubero
Ana Rica S. Navarra
Abegail Nicca S. Oafallas

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9 December 2008


An overview on Food Evaluation 3
The Importance of Evaluation and Analysis on Food Science 3
Objectives of the Laboratory Exercise 3
Keywords: Words on Focus 4

Measurement of Weight/Volume of Foods 4
Determination of Colors of Foods 5
Determination of pH of foods 5
Determination of Titratable Acidity of Foods 5
Determination of Soluble Solids Concentration of Foods 5

Experimental Results……….7
Tabulated Results of Measured Characteristics for Coca-Cola Sample 7
Tabulated Results of Measured Characteristics for Kopiko 3-in-1 Instant Coffee Sample 8

Discussion of Results……….9
Weight and Volume Measurements on foods 9
Color readings Based on the Munsell Book of Colors 10
Importance of determining pH in foods 10
Titration Techniques and its Direct Effects on the Calculation of %TA of Liquid Samples 10
Discussion of Soluble Solids Concentration Readings using Refractometer 10



An Overview on Food Evaluation

Without food, life is impossible to sustain. People highly depend on it and make it a top priority. This has long made evident by numerous industries and businesses everywhere that concern food. Malls and shopping places cannot be complete with fast food chains and restaurants. Mealtime is always a treasured moment because it does not only bring the family members closer together, but also get a pleasure of satisfaction from delectable meals on the dining table. In this present state of the world economy, a number of huge companies have been affected due to the entry of income that has been relatively slowed down. But among these different companies, those that concern food were less likely tormented by the devastating blows of the worldwide recession. People can live with few clothes and tattered shelters but not without food.

The Importance of Evaluation and Analysis on Food Science

Due to food’s tremendous importance, several studies and experiments have been conducted to analyze food to know more about its nature. Ram B. Roy (1984) enumerated some reasons why food analysis and evaluation is conducted. This is to: 1) obtain nutritional and biochemical knowledge of food and food products; 2) ensure that food are able to meet standards of quality; 3) control food processing/manufacturing that will aim for improvement of quality of food products; 4) seek for better shelf life for processed products; 5) prevent distribution of adulterated and misbranded foods; and 6) determine nutritive value of food for scientific and dietary purposes (p.247).

Food Evaluation has two major types ― Subjective and objective evaluation. In the laboratory exercise performed in the class, procedures and techniques were primarily concerned on objective evaluation. This type of food evaluation process involves the use of calibrated tools in measuring characteristics such as weight, color, pH, titratable acidity and concentration of soluble solids. The equipments used for the measurement of these characteristics require proper calibration to guarantee a relatively accurate data. Proper use, storage and maintenance of these equipments are also vital because inefficient tools will definitely lead to a false and useless data.

Objectives of the Laboratory Exercise

Provided with the reasons why food evaluation is conducted, learning the methods and processes of objective evaluation is truly essential especially for students and researchers in the field of food science and nutrition. Therefore,...

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