Obesity A Widespread Psychology Related Health Issue

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Obesity: A Widespread Psychology Related Health Issue
Angel V Johnson
April 12, 2015
Sheila Pierson
Obesity: A Widespread Psychology Related Health Issue
What is the true definition of Obesity? According to the Mayoclinic, “Obesity is a complex disorder involving an excessive amount of body fat”. Obesity continues to be a problem not only in America but other countries as well. No one grows up wanting to be obese, however, depending on where a person lives and where they were raised, some had no other choice but to eat what is offered many times and not question anything. Obesity is not just a physical issue but it creates an unstable mental state of mind. Further discussion will focus on characteristics of individuals and groups that are most affected by obesity, risk factors that can and cannot be controlled, developmental, gender and sociocultural factors that impact this health issue, discuss treatment options for individuals and groups, describe health related behavior and also discuss lifestyle changes that are needed to enhance health and prevent illness. Individuals and Groups Affected by Obesity

In reviewing information regarding who is at risk for obesity, the National Heart, Lung and Blood institute states that obesity affects Americans of all ages, sexes, and racial/ethnic groups. Obesity is an ongoing issue in America and the numbers increase every year. As the numbers increase for obesity, so does health risks. Depending on where an individual lives, sometimes food supplied does more harm than good. In 3rd world countries, villagers and other people usually eat what they know to sustain themselves. In America, all ethnic backgrounds are on the list for obesity. As long as America continues to let manufactures pump chemicals into the food, the America will continue to balloon out of control when it comes to obesity. Men, women and children are affected by this epidemic. Knowledge can be a key tool to fight obesity if people get a better understanding of the disease. Risk Factors and How they can be Controlled for Obesity

Based on further reading on the topic of obesity via the Mayoclinic website, some contributing factors in combination are genetics, family lifestyle, inactivity, unhealthy diet and eating habits, quitting smoking, pregnancy, lack of sleep, certain medications, age, social and economic issues and medical problems. Each of the risk factors named will bring fourth HDL, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, breathing disorders, gallbladder disease, gynecologic problems, erectile dysfunction, and osteoarthritis as well as skin conditions. Health Behavior and Promotion Strategies

To promote healthy strategies for the listed risk factors, it would be best to set realistic goals, prepare for a lifestyle change, portion sizes, exercise, healthy shopping options, limitation to fatty foods, weighing food portions, less stress, change your surroundings, keep a record of daily progress, seek support, reward your success, try a weight loss medication that is prescribed by a doctor orders where he can keep watch on how it will work. It is important that a person diagnosed as obese learn more about their condition. Once the doctor has explained the treatment plan for obesity, sticking to your treatment plan would help in the days to come. If a person believes they cannot do the treatment alone, the doctor or you can suggest additional group support. If prescribed meds, take them as directed by the doctor. Therapy, interventions and support groups are also a great way to help with behavioral changes when making a drastic lifestyle change. Community Education Regarding Obesity

The city of Dallas, Texas via the mayor and other City Hall officials were looking to foster change when a report revealed how obesity numbers rose and continue to rise. Dallas County has offered workers new gym space along with exercise equipment in some buildings as...

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