Obesity...a Very Big Problem

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Weight loss Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: November 14, 2006
"Obesity, a Very Big Problem"

Obesity in America is a subject of concern that is getting as big as peoples waste-lines. It affects many Americans on a daily basis, and also affects the way people interact with others. It is an unhealthy trend with a rapid growth rate, quickly consuming many lives. The problem must be fixed for a more happy and healthy life. In order to fix it, the issue of obesity must first be understood, and then controlled at the state it's at, and finally it must be prevented from continually occurring.

One of the major steps to fixing a problem is to first fully understand it. Obesity is simply an excess in body fat. It is very unhealthy and can cause a numerous number of diseases, and heart problems. It is caused by a number of things, ranging from pre-destined genes, the environment a person lives in, and also the kind of behavior that is attributed to eating habits. Scientists are working on developing gene models to identify the genes that tend to cause people to store fat, and they hope to be able to treat these genes to prevent the problem from occurring. A healthy environment is more likely to yield healthy tendencies; it promotes good eating and physical activity. People's behavior also affects obesity. Be positive and practice weight control, and don't binge when feeling depressed.

After obesity is understood, it must then be controlled and maintained at the level it's at. According to The American Obesity Association, a startling 33% of Americans are obese, and there are over 300,000 deaths as a result of obesity each year. So what is the best way to control this problem? Exercise and proper dieting will do the trick. None of those crazy diet pills and easy-to-lose programs will actually help to maintain healthy weight loss. People must consume a reasonable amount of calories each day, and exercise is the key to a more healthy body. Stay away from high fat foods, especially fast foods, which are usually in...
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