Obesity: Nutrition and People

Topics: Nutrition, Dieting, Obesity Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Do you wonder why people in the 21st century have too much body fat? People always eat more calories than their bodies need until they get overweight or obese and this can affect their normal lives. Nowadays, obesity affects both adults and children. It affects millions of people around the world more than other diseases. It is important to know how obesity occurs and avoid it. Among the many causes of obesity are passive lifestyle, poor diet and bad eating habits. Obesity can be one part of people who do not active in their lives. Lack of exercise is the main causes that make people have the passive lifestyle. They focus on their works but health Therefore, they have no time to exercise. People do not participate in any activities. They try to make an excuse and always say that they have nothing to do even though it has a lot of activities to join such as play sport and play music. Other than that, people also do not have a motivation to exercise and they have no friends to go with them. Besides that, the advancement of technology makes people be lazier than before. No need to move because all works are automated. For example, today most of people would like to use cars instead of by walk or ride bicycle. Machines make their lives conveniently but make people lazy. When people have not enough good food to eat, they get extremely weight or obesity. They prefer junk food not healthy food specific on children such as pizza, burger, potatoes chips, white bread, chocolate bars because all these have good look, good taste and popular among children. At the same times, some of adults also choose unhealthy food because they don’t have enough money to buy the healthy food. Consume food with high additives and preservatives also make the food taste good too. People will eat more when the food is delicious. Another factor of obesity is unhealthy eating habits. People not eat in the meal time. They always skip their meals. For example, I have one friend from Thailand. She...
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