obesity in uae

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Name: Bashar Yousef Salman
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My homework for ENG 310

Research question: why is obesity increasing in the UAE ?
Obesity is a disease that hurt the patients and make a fat accumulates in the body . This led to decrease the age of the life expectancy and make other problems .In Bell (2013 June 12) , Dr Abdulle co-author of the study and a research specialist at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at United Arab Emirates University says obesity could make diabetes and hypertension in the future.Al Junaibi et al(2013) obesity is a common health issue that faced developing and developed countries together .Unfortunately, UAE faces this issue and the percentage are growing up so, what are reasons that make obesity increasing in the UAE ?

In Kitchingman (2013) ,Abdul Rahman one of the local obesity’s people says gentleman in Dubai almost over weighted because people their don’t like to wait so they move on fast food that contains a lot of oils whereas, In Kitchingman (2013) ,Cheema says people are eat fast food but they do some exercise although, the weather are not suitable. So, without exercises the body can not Burn fats as much as possible .In Cleland (2013 June 16 ), Dr Elsayed who works in Al Noor hospital says people eat too much fast food compare to do some exercises. So, the mean reasons for increasing the obesity is that less fitness exercises and more fast food .In Cleland (2013 June 16 ), Dr Akhras a gastroenterologist and hepatologist at Dubai's Mediclinic City Hospital says no specific medicine can we give to the patients and get rid out of obesity. Finally, to solve this phenomenon we have to do more exercises and be careful about our foods such as less fat and oil .

I used Harvard style :

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