Obesity. Fast Food Isn’t to Blame, Is It?

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Overweight Pages: 3 (1337 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Obesity. Fast Food isn’t to blame, is it?
The teacher asked a somewhat fleshy girl, "What is your favorite animal?" The overweight girl replied with enthusiasm, "Fried chicken!" The foods we eat every day contribute to our well-being. Foods provide us with the nutrients we need for healthy bodies and the calories we need for energy. If we eat too much, however, the extra food turns to fat and is stored in our bodies. If we overeat regularly, we gain weight, and if we continue to gain weight, we may become obese. The obesity is a huge problem in our society. It will improve only when people take responsibility for their own actions. This is the main idea of the Ames’ article “Fast food isn’t to blame”. But let’s figure out why people become obese? It happens for several reasons, including: consuming too many calories, fast food, leading a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, easy access to junky food, illness, genes, metabolism, medication and stress. There are some more factors. But who we suppose to blame? Ames mentioned in his article that Americans are a nation of whiners. It is not a surprise that 2/3 of its population is overweight. With the arrival of televisions, computers, video games, remote controls, washing machines, dish washers and other modern convenience devices, the majority of people are becoming lazy and they are leading a much more sedentary lifestyle compared to their parents and grandparents. Some decades ago shopping consisted of walking down the road to the high street where one could find the grocers, bakers, banks, etc. As large out-of-town supermarkets and shopping malls started to appear, people moved from using their feet to driving their cars to get their provisions. In the United States of America, dependence on the car has become so strong that many people will drive even if their destination is only half-a-mile away. The less you move around the fewer calories you burn and the more you gain your weight. Ames also...
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