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Should obese be denied treatment on NHS?

Obesity shouldn’t be denied treatment in health care facilities. Obesity is considered an illness. It’s the state of being grossly overweight. Sometimes it is not a choice to be overweight; many children are considered obese and need treatment. Obesity can also come with serious health issues such as diabetes, heart attacks, disabilities and even death. There are medical and health options to help lose weight. If treatment is denied that puts many people at risk of serious health problems and even death. As a doctor is it your job to provide care for the ill and diseased. Obesity can happen to anyone. It is the weight: height ratio distribution subcutaneous fat, there is no single cause for obesity. It is the result of faulty eating habits. But that is no reason why they should be denied treatment. Doctors are there to provide healthcare for the ill, whilst they are there to advise us on better lifestyles. They should not be allowed to become arbiters and decided who should or shouldn’t be denied treatment. For example a race car driver who voluntarily puts his life at risk and crashes would they be denied treatment as well? No one should be denied treatment no matter what the situation is. Many doctors have said they would deny non-emergency treatment to those who fail to lose weight. Doctors are supposed to have compassion and decency, as their profession sought to provide healthcare and attention to those in need. There are many health problems associated with obesity. For example obesity can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnoea and many other serious issues. With health risk like this, gives reasons why obesity shouldn’t be denied. This puts many obesity people at a high chance of serious illness and even death. Obesity is denied treatment mainly because of the cost. But not every case needs money, and not every case is...
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