Obesity Causes

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Causes of Obesity

Causes of Obesity
I. Introduction:
A. Background
B. Definition
C. Hook: Do you know that there are more than 524 Million obese people in this world and it's increasing? (worldometers). Thesis statement: Diseases are effects of obesity; however, obesity is caused by many factors. II. Causes of the Obesity

A. Lack of sleep.
B. Technology.
C. Pregnant.
D. Fast food, snakes and soft drinks.
E. Inactive.
F. Genes and family history.
G. Smoking.
III. Effects:
A. Cancer
B. High blood sugar
C. High blood pressure
D. Heart disease
E. Diabetes
IV. Solution:
V. Conclusion.

Obesity is known as an epidemic in America and Western Europe. The causes of obesity range from many different factors and all of them can help to contribute to the obese people around the world. An adult whose BMI is between 25 and 29.9 is considered overweight and the person who has BMI over 30 is called obese. Many western countries like America and England struggle with it the most.(An Active Lifestyle) "Many Americans aren't very physically active. One reason for this is that many people spend hours in front of the TV and computers doing work, school work and leisure activities. In fact more than 2 hours a day of regular TV time has been linked to overweight and obesity." Being physically active is a very important part of being physically fit, for the people who are not active in their daily lives and spend too much time working in front of a computer and then going home and watching TV for 2 or 3 hours in the evening then the chances of that individual being obese are very high. When you are obese you have many health problems from high blood pressure to clogged arteries and heart conditions, The only way to help these problems are surgeries or to lose the weight. Both of these options have problems that can cause further complications to the human body, and for a person who it very big then it is even worse. Most obese people lack the energy to start exercising and even have trouble moving long enough to be counted as exercise. Obesity is caused by many factors such as genetics, lack of sleep, fast food and others and the effects of it are diabetes, cancer, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure.

Did you know that there are 534 million obese people in the world? This number is increasing every day and it is not showing any signs of slowing in what can be seen every day here in America. One of the causes of the epidemic is lack of sleep, this causes you to be slower in your movements for the day and as an effect of this your metabolism is slower also. ( What Causes Obesity)" Lack of sleep results in a higher than normal blood sugar level, which may increase your chances for diabetes." Diabetes is a proven way to gain weight as when you have diabetes it is more difficult to lose weight. Your metabolism is very important when you are trying to lose weight, this is the rate at which your body can lose or burn the fat inside of your body. ( What Causes Obesity) Other reasons for not being active include: relying on cars instead of walking, fewer physical demands at work or at home because of modern technology and conveniences, and lack of physical education classes in schools. We no longer have a real need to walking distances to get where we need to go today. Any distance longer than a half a mile is something that people will take a car or a bus before they would try and walk that distance, one hundred years ago people would walk all of the time because having a horse was a luxury and not everyone had a horse so if you had to work or play it did not matter you were walking there. This daily activity made for a lot of exercise on a daily basis and helped with the obesity of people in the western hemisphere. ( What Causes Obesity) Technology is a large factor of obesity today, from televisions to cars they have created habits in our culture today that...
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