Obesity Argument

Topics: Obesity, Medicine, Cancer Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: October 20, 2014
Jaisa Crockton
Analysis of an Essay
ENG 200-002
Even though the American Medical Association declared that obesity is a disease in 2013, many doctors and other medical professionals disagree with the decision. Geoffrey Kabat, an epidemiologist, is one of the many medical professionals that does not believe that obesity is a disease. His first claim is that if obesity is a disease then smoking should be considered a disease as well. Everyone can agree that smoking is not a disease, but when the effects of smoking are compared to the effects of obesity it makes the two issues seem similar to each other. Both smoking and obesity can cause respiratory issues, heart disease, cancer, and a number of other diseases. Neither of the two are a disease on their own, but they can cause disease to occur. To further support this claim the author explains that smoking is a choice people make just like being obese is a choice that people make in most cases. Even though people know it is unhealthy and can cause severe problems in their life people still make the decision to smoke, just like obese people make the decision to eat unhealthy food and not exercise.

The second premise is that some people who are classified as obese are actually not unhealthy. Some people who are considered as obese are healthy because they exercise and maintain normal body functioning and homeostasis without the help of any medications or supplements. Therefore, these people cannot possibly have a “disease”, they are just considered healthy overweight people. The author goes on to state that only people who are extremely overweight or obese die from complications due to their weight. However, people with other diseases such as cancer or heart disease are more likely to die from their complications caused by the diseases they have. People who are obese can usually handle the complications that come along with being obese on their own by changing their lifestyle. A real disease cannot be...
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