obesity and psychology

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Obesity and psychology

“"One of the biggest common public health issues that falls right in the heart of psychology" says psychologist Paul Rozin of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. “Obesity is as much a psychological problem as much as it's a physical one.”(Jennifer C. Collins, 2009) Sadness, stress, lack of self acceptance, depression and other deep emotions can lead to obesity by eating too much or not exercising and being active.

“Studies have shown that emotional states strongly affect our eating behaviors. Understanding, managing and controlling your emotions and behavior can help weight loss or weight control.”(Jennifer C. Collins, 2009) Psychologists believe that weight loss isn't associated with strict dieting and extreme exercising, but instead using a psychological approach that affects both body and mind. Those who suffer from a psychological disorder may have more difficulty controlling their consumption of food, exercising, and maintaining a healthy weight.

People usually eat more food when they are sad, happy, or even bored. “Although those with depression and anxiety disorders, may have problematic eating behaviors such as “mindless eating,” continuous snacking on high calorie snacks, overeating, and eating before going to sleep.”(Jennifer C. Collins, 2009) Binge eating disorder is recurrent episodes of eating during a specific amount of time. Eating a lot of food than the majority people would eat during a similar meal time, a sense of lack of control during the phases and guilt afterwords.”

People views obesity is a very negative way and they believe that obese people have weak will power and unmotivated, obese people are usually aware of these negative views and try to ignore them, putting themselves at a risk for disorder of moods, or even drugs abuse. A huge percentage of obese people think about doing a bariatric surgery have suffered and some still suffer from psychiatric disorder. Obese people have tried...
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