Obesity and Good Tan

Topics: Cancer, Obesity, Atherosclerosis Pages: 1 (479 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Daniel Berlin October 30,2012Pg. 680 1. What Is Atherosclerosis? How does it contribute to heart attacks? Atherosclerosis happens once plaque builds up in the artery walls. This can cause heart attacks because it can block the walls and cause the blood to not flow creating a clot. 2. Define cardiovascular diseases. How does regular physical activity help prevent CVD? CVD are diseases that affect the heart or blood vessels. Exercise/physical activity helps to make your heart run more efficiently. This lowers your risk for CVD’s.”””” 3. What are five risk factors for CVD that you can control? Five risk factors that you can control are tobacco use, high blood pressure, High cholesterol, and physical inactivity, and controlling you weight/ being overweight. 4. Which treatment in figure 26.1 would most likely be used to treat atherosclerosis? Angioplasty

Pg. 687
1. Define cancer. Name 4 risk factors for cancer.
Cancer is the abnormal growth of body cells. 4 risk factors are tobacco use, STDs, diet, and exposure to radiation. 2. What is the difference between a benign tumor and one that is malignant? A tumor that is not cancerous in benign and one that is cancerous is malignant. 3. What are 2 important means of early cancer detections?

Self-examination and medical examination.
5) Why do you think skin cancer is the most common cancer in the US? In the US, a perfect person is portrayed as having the perfect tan and people want that same type of tan, unaware of the consequence of excessive radiation. Many models and superstars have a nice tan, so kids usually grow up from an early age, acknowledging the fact that to be beautiful, you need a good tan. They begin to artificially tan and this leads to cancer. Also, many people don’t put on sunblock every time they go outside. Sunblock must be used not only at the beach, but all the...
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