Obesity and First-year College Students

Topics: Obesity, United States, Nutrition Pages: 2 (854 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Argumentative essay
Most health reports indicate that obesity continues to rise in America toward an epidemic proportion. As of now you may have read or seen enormous commercials about obesity in America. From Sanjay Gupta’s essay, “Stuck on the Couch”, the author argues that the reason behind obesity is inadequate exercise. The author supports his argument by using general activities people perform on a daily basis that prevent them from exercising.. On the other hand another author, Motluk argues that we must stop blaming fat people for their size in his essay, “Supersize Me”. He states that we should blame fast food companies in Americas. Both essays explore and propose their idea on how the people and the society are having an intertwine relationship which is affecting their life.

In “Stuck on the Couch”, the author points out that more than 60 percent of Americans do not exercise regularly and are content to admit they don’t exercise at all. But to Gupta that is not the case, exercise needs to part of our daily life to prevent diseases. According to Gupta’s survey, 72 million are obese and almost every one of them would like to shed the extra pounds. In the essay he points out that, “in the whole first-year college students participate in significantly less exercised than they did just one year before” ( paragraph 3 ) This section of the essays discloses the idea of freshmen 15. From high school to college is a big transition for not only change academic performances but also maintaining a constant physique. Since not many mandatory activities are offered in college like in high school some students become lazy and loose track on how to maintain their weight.

From the issue, Observer, a journalist reported on numerous other studies that explains why we fall off the exercise wagon. Hypothetically speaking people might fall off this exercise wagon as a result of marriage, having kids or focusing on school work. To the journalist, “with, spending your...
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