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While many famous people have struggled with alcoholism or drug abuse, some have overcome those problems. Often, politicians, athletes, and actors hide their addiction and their recovery, because they do not want to risk ruining their careers. Other celebrities are forced to go public in their battles with alcohol or drugs, but a few feel that their struggles may help others, since they want to act as positive role models.

One such person was Betty Ford, a former First Lady; with her family’s help, she became sober at age sixty. Since her recovery was successful, she agreed to help several friends create a treatment center in Rancho Mirage, California. At the Betty Ford center, celebrities like Liz Taylor and Kelsey Grammar, as well as everyday people, receive support for their new way of life. Treatment centers now exist around the country. The problem of addiction seems to be increasing, especially among the young. For example, Drew Barrymore was famous at age six for her role in the film E.T., but by age nine she was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Forced into rehab at age thirteen, Drew was able to get her acting career on track. Actors Charlie Sheen, Mathew Perry and Ben Affleck likewise developed addictions; getting treatment helped them stay on top in their professions.

Football legend Lawrence Taylor is one of many athletes who have gone through detox; he claims that at last he has turned his life around. Since stardom seems to invite the risk of addiction; the Musician’s assistance Program has helped over 1,500 rock stars get straight.

Alcohol and drugs might seem glamorous, especially to the young, however, they can destroy relationships, careers, and self-esteem. Millions of Americans are affected, so when someone returns from addiction, his or her triumph can encourage
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