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Are parents responsible for their child’s obesity and unhealthy eating choices? In

the article “The Battle Against Fast Food Begins In The Home” Weintraubs argument

states that parents should take responsibility to protect their child.

I agree that parents should take more responsibility in what their child puts into

their mouth. The parents have the authority to be responsible and take charge of their

kids. They need to realize all the bad health conditions that come with fast food. Its not

fair to the kids that their parents are the bad people making horrible choices for them.

Everyday you pass by a fast food restaurant by lunch or around dinner and its

always busy. And that is because adults are too lazy to make a good home cooked meal

for themselves or for their family. It is way easier and cheaper to buy food from lets say

the dollar menu from McDonalds than making food. I say that because I can relate to that.

My parents usually pick up fast food on their way home from work because it’s too late

and they’re too tired to cook. But that is a really horrible idea because for one we

shouldn’t even be eating so late and second of all eating fast food is a bad idea.

Then again I do understand why grabbing fast food on the way saves time and

money. I’m sure everyone knows fast food is not good for you but because it’s very

affordable they don’t really mind that. I know the reason isn’t every person wants to get

fast food is because they want to get fat, but I personally think it’s because it’s very good

and cheap also because you don’t have to worry about cooking for yourself when you can

have someone else cook for you. Not every person can afford groceries but I’m sure they

can afford a cheese burger at McDonalds. My point being, fast food is ridiculously cheap

and people don’t obviously care that’s bad for you just as long as it will satisfy their

hungry children.

In conclusion, I agree with

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