Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, United States Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Everything is Bigger in America
Ever heard or even said the expression, “go big or home” or “bigger is better”? In some instances and situations this expression could be conveyed in positive scenarios like having bigger home or large sums of money. Well, unfortunately within in the United States, there is a dangerous, swelling epidemic, one that literally out weights the countless growing health problems not only in our generation of children, but also in adults. This slow and lethargic death spreading like wildfire that is plaguing our society is known as obesity. Obesity is a rising national concern that threatens the United States, economic, social, and physical health. There are a number of contributors, specifically the three key contributors to obesity is poor nutrition/diet, lack of physical fitness and the increase in portion sizes of meals. Obesity is a human condition where an abundant amount of excess fat is carried on the human body, for example if an individual is twenty percent over what is considered an ideal healthy weight based on the a person’s age, gender, and height, than you might be classified as obese. Obesity occurs when the body is introduced to excessive amounts of calories, sugars, fats, carbohydrates, and can no longer process the surplus. Naturally the body turns the extra substance into fat and stores it in the body like a vault for later use. So, how did we get here in America?

The American diet and nutrition has drastically changed to the worse over the last three decades. Poor dieting and nutrition has changed due to the increase in the human population, advancements in technology, and the expanding of a postindustrial society, for example the daily American life for some has been wrapped in the concept of being based around time. People can get consumed with time in today’s fasted pace society, for instance people have work, school, appointments, meetings, sports and other extracurricular activities consumed with in their...
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