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Professor Cardenas-Adame
November 9, 2012
The Cure for Obesity
As an American society we all share a similar fear for obesity. Everyone can be succumbed by obesity and most are. The percentage is over 70% of America that are borderline line of being obese and 36 in the us that are obese. Also it’s a triadic to see that Americans are rated the highest in world for obesity. Many may ask why is obesity such a curse. Many say you may get looked down upon in today society or so forth. The only topic that will be address today is the health related reasoning of why obesity is such a threat to society.

First we must address how to measure if we are one who is succumbed to this awful plague known as obesity. In the U.S we use the BMI which is an abbreviation for Body Mass Index. Which evaluates the body mass or fat context we have. If we have below 7% we extremely unhealthy or if we have over 20 % we are considered obese which can ultimately be fatal. Not immediately fatal but obesity is directly linked to many of the most fatal disease in the world today as diabetes, any many other that can cause heart failure. All due to the lack of exercise and over eating, also one major other key we may not always consider to be a factor of being obese is genetics. Genetics can play a huge factor on whether we are going to be fighting with obesity for the rest of our life’s. One may question if obesity is something that they will be fighting for the rest of our life or is there a cure?

There are several types of solution to manage ones weight. Recently with our modern technology American society has turn toward bypass surgery has there solution to obesity. Though statistically the percentage of successful procedures is dramatically high, there are many factor to consider to coming to the conclusion if surgery is in fact a cure. In the beginning many turned towards surgery as the last solution, but never the first choice nor was it consider a...
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