obeserving bacteris and blood

Topics: Bacteria, Observation, Hypothesis Pages: 4 (814 words) Published: May 3, 2014
Mini-Lab Report

Objectives: There were two major goals of the “Observing Bacteria and Blood” experiment. The first was to establish a familiarity with the proper techniques for using a microscope. The experiment focused on both the basic components of a microscope (i.e. how to adjust the knobs and levers for the desired result) as well as how do decide the proper objective to use for observing a specimen. The second goal major goal of this experiment was to practice observing live specimens (yogurt and blood). Procedures:

Exercise 1: Observation of prepared slides using the microscope. The observation of the 8 prepared slides was performed by making adjustments to the microscope (focus, condenser, light) in order to establish a clear image of the specimen. The slide was viewed through the 10x, 40x, and 100x objectives and all observations were recorded in the tables below.

Exercise 2&3: Observationof yogurt and blood. The yogurt and blood slides were prepared as described in the Labpaq manual. The slides were observed using the 10x, 40x, and 100x objectives and all observations were recorded in the tables below.


Exercise 1
Part 1Part 2
150x600x1500x (Oil Immersion)
Amoeba proteus


Ascaris Eggs

“e” slide


Penicillium w/conidia


Yogurt bacteria

Exercise 2 & 3
Ex 2:
Fresh Yogurt
Ex 3:
Blood Smear

Photos/Drawings: (Insert and label images here. If image file (JPEG or GIF) sizes are too large they may be uploaded separately.)

Analysis/Interpretation: Based on the observations detailed above, it can be concluded that the microscope is a powerful tool in the observation of organisms that are small in size. It was important to have a number of objectives of different magnifying power in order to be able to discern the level of magnification needed to best study a...
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