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B -> Prepared Remarks of President Obama: Back to School EventThis speech was held at Wakefield High school in Arlington, Virginia by Barack Obama the current president of the United States of America, is a speech directed at students, which already becomes obvious to us in the title as it states a very everyday phrase we see every year around the time of school start. ”Back to School” is a phrase all of us can relate with, as it is very often used in advertising. Obama advised the American children to stay in school and work hard, which created disagreement within the conservatists in 2009, which was then played down by the members of the White House. Many conservative political members claimed the speech to be propaganda of a socialist agenda, which naturally caused disagreement in the media. Some parents’ received permission to withdraw their children from the school meeting, where the speech was broadcasted as some thought that it was not suitable for their children’s political positioning. Many believed that the speech on the values of education and hard work would be one sided and about Democrat propaganda. This seems rather sad, due to the fact that Obama refers to the students of the nation as a whole, and needs every single one of them to stay in school and work hard. He talks about the students very personally by using the word ”you” multiple times. He also puts pressure on the students by saying that if they do not at least try to succeed in school they are letting down their country, which is quite harsh to say, but is viewed motivational. By this Obama is trying to make a point that everybody in the US has a chance to succeed as long as they try. Although some will fail, he wants the students to keep trying. Barack Obama quotes Michael Jordan with, “I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” This quote is very powerful as many people look up to sporting heroes such as Michael Jordan. In the speech he...
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