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Historical Misrepresentation of the Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act also known as ObamaCare is a statute signed into a law by President

Barack Obama on March, 23 2010. This act is a part of a health care reform which among

other things will change and regulate requirements for employers group insurance plans as well

as private health plans and public health programs. Ever since ACA was introduced it has been

one of the most controversial health plans debated by all government parties.

A study done by Harvard University in 2009 indicated the biggest cause for bankruptcy

( 62% ) of all personal bankruptcies are over Medical Insurance and 78% of filers had some form of medical insurance.

Since President Eisenhower was elected, every president preceding him has tried to pass

health care reform. In fact it was the conservative think tank the Heritage foundation in 1992

that first proposed the insurance market place with an individual mandate. The first Governor to

over sign into state law was the first mandatory insurance mandate in the U.S was Republican

Mitt Romney.

History has shown us that anytime a National referendum, Social program, or civil rights law

was passed, public opinion was low and had many detractors and critics. In the turn of the

century, social security was criticized and even was the following election years opponent

running presidential platform to repeal social security. Slavery even divided one half of the U.S in

1860, and today everyone would think slavery under circumstance is wrong.

The Washington Post, shows the current poll that ten million new people...
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