obama's victory speech

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The Analysis of Obama's Victory Speech


Senator barrack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential election was celebrated in his hometown of Chicago by hundreds-of-thousands of supporters who reveled in the history-making moment. In a large, open-air park, Obama thanked his supporters, and outlined the challenge he hopes to make as president. He is the first African-American elected president of the U.S.

US President-Elect barrack Obama's Rhetorical skill, his ability to captivate and inspire audiences with his powerful speeches, has led some writers to describe him as the greatest orator of his generation. In the next chapter, the writer will try to analyze the speech Barack Obama made in Chicago on the day of his being elected to the post of President of the USA, Wednesday 5 November 2008.



On November 4, 2008, Senator Obama made history as the first African-American elected president of the United States. Obama gave his victory speech to an emotional crowd in Chicago. He delivered a victory speech at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois after winning the U.S. election becoming the 44th president of the country. In his victory speech, he does not seem to be using any notes. He spoke about the Major issues facing the U.S. and the world today.

This is the kind of speech with powerful, positive, persuasive and emotionally engaging. We can observe from his famous speech how does he using words, voice intonation, pronunciation, and body language to build the communication with his audience. Through this crucial device, he evoked specific images, creating memorable mental pictures in the audience. The images were developed through words, gestures, intonation, and audience participation. The more he created images and built a new vision of America, the more he swayed the audience to his side. When Obama is speaking, he looks so confident and calm with his conditional movement. His arms move, but his body orientation does not...
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