Obama Visit Thailand

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Summary of President of U.S. visited Thailand
President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Ying luck Shinawatra reaffirmed that Thailand and the United States will cooperate in talks on the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement and security issues. Mr. Obama said security and trade and investment were his two key priority issues in bilateral discussions with thai leaders. Prime Minister Yingluck said that she will not give a commitment to president Barrack Obama directly that Thailand will join the US-led TPP free trade agreement. It has been criticized by some US congressmen and foreign policy experts for not being transparent because TPP would hurt consumers and also Thailand’s economic competitiveness. Thailand will only announce Thailand’s intention to enter into the negotiations in a joint press statement. Ms. Yingluck said that any final decision to join the TPP would have to be approved by the cabinet and the parliament, and that views of all parties would be considered before any decision is made.

Mr. Obama said that the choice of Bangkok as his first foreign visit after re-election reflects Southeast Asia’s rising economic prospects and Thailand’s potential to play a leading role in the Asia-Pacific region. He said also future security cooperation will centre on helping Thai forces in maritime operations against pirates and preparing for disaster relief missions. “Thailand may lack policy space (under the TPP). Neither China nor Japan have entered the TPP talks, and there is a concern that there may be imbalances between the large members and the smaller ones.” “Ultimately, the US is leading the direction of the TPP” said Mr Supachai, a former Thai deputy. Academics and consumer advocates warn that accepting the TPP could result in losses for the country’s rice market, higher drugs prices and a loss in national sovereignty in setting domestic development policies. COMMENT:

From what I see, the Thailand’s government really carefully in...
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