Obama Victory Speech Essay

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New Hampshire Victory speech

Barack Obama’s New Hampshire victory speech was written after Obama was elected as his party’s candidate for the presidential election. The speakers tone is victorious yet firm to show the audience that although the people of America are on the road to success it will not be easy but it is possible, Obama does this through the use of metaphor, 2nd person pronoun and repetition. Throughout the speech Obama’s purpose is to create awareness of how change and unity is needed in America. Obama does this to persuade the people of America to vote for the democrat party and to help advocate change.

Obama uses metaphors throughout his victory speech to emphasize how change and unity is needed in America. Obama wants to show the drug industry that “While they get a seat at the table, they don’t get to buy every chair-not this time, not now!” Obama wants to make it clear that change is needed, and that it is time for someone else to change what was currently happening with America’s drug industry. Obama believes that the drug industry can “get a seat at the table’; however they wont be able to dictate and control America’s healthcare industry anymore. The speaker uses a metaphor here to bring peoples attention to what needs to be done and support Obama’s idea of change. This makes the audience feel like they need to take action if they want change within the healthcare industry. Obama uses extended metaphor in the last paragraph; he wants the people of America to understand that “We have been told we cannot do this by a chorus of cynics. They will only grow louder and more dissonant in the weeks and months to come” Obama uses this extended metaphor to show American democrat supporters that there are people going against the democrat party and that although there is a chorus of them they will soon become more inharmonious and die out in the following weeks. By using the word ‘chorus’ Obama has shown that there is a group of them and he...
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