Obama State of the Union 2012

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December Garcia
Renato Ramirez
Govt. 2301- Dual Credit Course
3 February 2012
“The Blueprint for an American Economy Built to Last”
President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address mainly consisted of the idea of economics and how to reduce America’s national debt through his many reforms. The state of our economy would supposedly be improved by new regulations put in place to stop destroying the free market. “The defining issue of our time is how to keep that promise alive”, the promise of an equal and fair shot for all Americans. (Obama, Jan. 24, 2012)

On the topic of job creation Obama urged business leaders to open markets for manufacturing. There would also be tax cuts and reductions for those who chose to manufacture only in America. A training program would also be implemented giving Americans the skills they need to be hired. Obama is also in hopes to open 25% of potential off shore oil resources, demanding new workers for this field.

Education was explained to keep the good teachers, reward the best, and drop the bad. Obama wishes to give teachers more flexibility and resources to enable creative teaching. His future goal is for teachers to stop teaching the test and educate students with essential knowledge needed for upper level learning courses.

There was much to say on the subject of energy. Obama stated that America has relied less on foreign oil in the last 8 years and that we must open and use the oil we have at home. A 100 year supply of natural gas was also said to be in America. There would also be a lower energy bill for manufacturers, creating jobs. And as for renewable energy, Obama’s goal is to have manufacturers produce high tech batteries.

Obama proposed to apply more penalties to people who commit fraud, not only just the first time, to end deceptive lending practices. Responsible homeowners would be helped, being supplied with inexpensive housing, as well as could save $3,000 by refinancing.

The Buffet Rule was...
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