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The topic is "American Promise " because our speaker Barack Obama refers to it throughout the speech. Barack Obama shares his insights about the American promise to the American people. He believes anyone can follow their dreams if they just work hard enough . (1, line 6) : "(...) through hard work and sacrifice , each of us to pursue our individual dreams (...)" .

Obama delivered this speech at the Democratic National Convention on 28 August 2008. Listeners were the American people. Even before Obama did, he had a strong ethos because he was accepted as a candidate for the Democrats. A lot of people found him reliable on that basis. At the same time came millions of people on TV and his speech . About eighty thousand people showed up at the Denver Invesco Field at Mile High to listen to him. To ensure that the American people would understand the speech, he used a neutral language, but still the language of a politician. Obama's intention was to give hope for a better future for Americans and to persuade people to choose him as the next President of the United States. Obama's speech is strong because he uses features that have a catchy effect. It has positive connotations when he says (page 1 lines 30-31) " Our government should work for us, not against us. It should help us, not hurt us. " Obama sets a contrast between how it is and how it should be in America's future . He uses the type of expression to strengthen its ability to persuade people to choose him as their next president. Another result of the way he delivers his messages is that people will remember his view. Besides anaphora in use with a repetitive line expression (page 1 line 17 and 21 ) that he "It's a promise that says (...)" . The anaphora and structure makes this part of the speech easy and simple to understand. Therefore, the speech an educational quality. Barack Obama's appeal to the American people's trust by using the sponsorship effect when he mentions Martin Luther King . After...
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