Obama Healthcare Reform

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Healthcare reform Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: April 7, 2009
Obama’s Stimulus: Healthcare
By: Janice Beckham

The new Stimulus package contains $634 billion for health-care reform to come from tax increases and “savings” in the medical system ' money to expand health coverage for Americans currently without health insurance. This budget is over the next 10 years -- as a “down payment” for health reform. According to the Obama administration, the healthcare reform will pay for itself through a combination of cost reductions, improved productivity, and “dedicating additional sources of revenue.

Some of the components of the health care reform are as follows: Reducing premiums and other health-care costs; Reducing administrative and other costs for “unnecessary” medical tests and services; Placing the U.S. on a “clear path” to universal healthcare; Making coverage portable and put an end to denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions; Giving people the option of keeping their current plan; Mandating the use of electronic medical records; Invest in “public health measures” to combat problems such as obesity, smoking, and “sedentary lifestyles; Improving safety and quality of care, including through “medical interventions” .

My personal opinion is that it is about time someone offers to do something about our healthcare crisis. I’ve worked in health care for the last 10 years and we are so behind on how we function as a company. We need to make medical records electronic this will cut down on mistakes not to mention the monetary savings as well as time saved. We are slowly progressing but need a quicker overhaul on how we function.

Also addressing health insurance reform, I agree that we are over charged and insurance companies to not want to pay on benefits that you should be entitled to. I am one of millions without insurance because I can’t afford $600 a month for the coverage. I think it’s a shame that I work in a clinical setting, submit myself to millions of disease, but can’t afford coverage. It’s about...
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