Obama Care

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Barack Obama Pages: 2 (1230 words) Published: November 6, 2014

Lucinda Davis
Affordable Care Act and its influences on healthcare
Bryant & Stratton College
Instructor: Maria Washington
“The final document detailed a complex plan that would guarantee basic healthcare for all Americans. For most people, coverage would come from employers, financed by payroll taxes and delivered through carefully regulated competition among large non-profit health maintenance organizations, such as the Kaiser Plan and Blue Cross, or for-profit prepaid plans of the kind that were springing up across the country. For those who were not employed, the government would pay the cost of membership in a health maintenance organization. To negotiate with the health care providers on behalf of consumers, monitor their performance, and ensure their suitability, the Clinton Plan proposed the creation of new public organizations called health care alliances” CITATION Der98 \l 1033 (Bok, 1998). This was presented to Congress on September 22, 1993 by President Bill Clinton. In his speech he also urged lawmakers to "to fix a health care system that is badly broken...giving every American health security--health care that is always there, health care that can never be taken away” CITATION Der98 \l 1033 (Bok, 1998). On September 26, 1994 Senate Leader George Mitchell announced that healthcare legislation was dead for that session of Congress. “The attempt to reform health care failed for several reasons. The biggest and most pronounced reason was the inability of the President to work with his own party to ensure passage. Instead, at every opportunity to forge alliances in his own party, President and Mrs. Clinton stood fast for fear of compromising what they thought was the integrity of their plan. Instead, it was the downfall” CITATION Joh13 \l 1033 (Johnson, 2013). Other reasons were influences of the media. Even though the media is there to help society understand the proposal they were more interested in discussing the political conflicts,...

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