obama care

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Barack Obama Pages: 3 (603 words) Published: October 29, 2013
Passed legislation march 2010
Young adults can stay on parents health plan till age 26
Uninsured adults can obtain health coverage in 2014
Insurance companies cannot deny coverage to children under the age of 19 due to a pre existent condition. 10% tanning tax
Effective during 2011
Annual fee is apposed on pharmaceutical companies.
Employers are required to disclose value of health benefits on their employees W2 tax forms. Effective 2012
Increase in taxes
Decrease choice of doctors and types of care
Bankrupt system
Paying for healthcare of illegal aliens.
Inefficient funds
In an interview with the owner of a restaurant, he stated how the new healthcare reform affects him as a small business because the gov. taxes to much and takes away profit.

President Barack Obama’s health-care plan at best is not reform at all, and at worst will expand the poorest performing segments of our health-care system and further erode what little choice currently exists at the individual patient and provider level.

“Universal health-care coverage,” according to the president’s plan, would be largely driven by enrollment in public programs, such as Medicaid and SCHIP, in which the government sets benefit levels and provider reimbursement rates. Being nominally “covered” in a public health insurance program is of little value if prohibitively low reimbursement rates and administrative hassles prevent physicians from accepting you as a patient

Although the patient is the central figure and the key decision maker in the health-care system, the president’s plan unfortunately appears to continue the paternalistic view that government, not the individual patient, should decide the value of health-care services. Individual patients, regardless of income level, are capable of making appropriate decisions about their own health care, given the proper incentives. Giving patients ownership of their health-care resources...
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