Obama Care

Topics: Universal health care, Health care, Healthcare reform Pages: 3 (1165 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Universal Health Care is defined as the belief that all citizens should have access to affordable, high-quality medical care (Anderson, 2013). Currently there are 46 million that do not have health coverage in the United states and this would drastically increase to 72 million if a health reform was not passed (The Economic Case for Health Care Reform, 2012)Why the United States is the last to adopt this government mandated insurance coverage, is possibly one of the most widely asked question around the nation. This, however; is all in the process of changing and will be completed by 2014 with the passing and implantation of Obama-care. There are three systems or levels of coverage under Universal Health Care; Single Payer, Two-Tier, and Insurance Mandate. Could one of these be beneficial to the United States and what is in store for the United States as we moved toward the change? The Single Payer Tier of the Universal Health care program is paid for by the government and pays all coverage except for the copays acquired at the appointment and for prescriptions (Anderson, 2013). Single Payer as the name suggest, is funded by one public agency and from a single fund. When medical fees are accumulated, all services are paid for by a single government source. It does not specify the type of delivery, or who the doctors can or will work for. Single-payer systems create contracts for healthcare services from private organizations or can own and employ the healthcare resources and personnel. Meaning, the government pay for the procedures and equipment and doctors only get paid for the services that they provide to the patient. Two-Tier is a type of insurance were the government provides minimum coverage and citizens have the option to purchase addition coverage (Anderson, 2013). This type of coverage which is mostly found in developed countries creates a difference in the quality of care individuals will receive based on their financial abilities (Two-Tier...
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