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The Obama Campaign Strategy Case Study Analysis

1. Executive Summary

This case attempts to provide an understanding of the main reasons of success in the Obama campaign strategy in 2008. Obama`s victory was a result of a well-planned marketing campaign that targeted the right market segments with the right message. When Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the American presidency in 2007, the newly released Gallup Poll of Democratic Presidential Candidates demonstrated that Hillary Clinton was the front-runner in the race among Democratic voters with 48 percent of support. Jonh McCain was also one of the favorites in the country where the majority of people didn’t expect Obama to win the election. However, Obama was the first candidate who used for the first time in the presidential campaign all the tools of online marketing setting new standards. With the help of the founder of Facebook, Chris Hughes, Obama campaign used social network to enable supporters to help Obama to get elected. Chris Hughes designed mybarackobama.com that helped to raise by the end of the campaign $600 million in contributions from more than three million people, create more than 35, 000 groups of Obama`s supporters and 150, 000 events related to campaign (http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2008/11/propelled-by-in/). Even opponents called Obama campaign strategy brilliant. He managed to win after facing numerous challenges because of the perfect alignment of his clear strategy with remarkable fundraising through social network.

2. A Problem Statement

1. Obama wasn’t a serious contender according to media in the begging of his campaign. Gallup Poll of Democratic Presidential Candidates indicated a 27 percent deficit in the Obama campaign making Hillary Clinton a strong leader from Democrats with 48 percent of support. 2. Hillary Clinton received more support from the Democratic Party primarily because of being the first female nominee for a major party in the U.S. leaving Obama behind. 3. Obama campaign had to compete with established players that had media support and far greater resources.

3. Situation Analysis

Situation Analysis|
Strengths and Weaknesses| Strengths| Weaknesses|
| Innovative fundraising method which focuses on smaller donations, and prevents a tap-out donor base further in campaign. Obama is the first presidential candidate to pay for his campaign with donations rather than government money since the system began in 1976.| Obama is seen as a candidate with lacking experience. He is not well-known to many Americans.| | Obama has a stronger performance among Blacks, higher-income Americans and one-third of voters who consider themselves political independents. In addition, he appeals to young voters.| Poor performance among conservative Democrats.Only 62% of Democrats "conservative" political views choose Obama in a race between Obama and McCain.| | Obama campaign has a clear and defined message of “change” throughout the campaign.| Affiliation with Traditional Black Church in Chicago - T.U.C.C. - and its connection with traditional Black elite leadership| | Charismatic personality accompanied by images of his family. Most of the Americans can relate to the Obama`s family as they experience the same problems regarding raising children, paying for education, expensive healthcare, etc. Obama can empathize with Americans on the same types of issues.| No military background.| | Application of social media. Obama has advantage in utilizing technology to mobilize people for the further collaboration and encourage them to donate for his campaign. His supporters are motivated.| The applied fundraising method has not been tested in the past. It contains a risky approach.| | More human resources. Obama has more young volunteers.| Focusing on republican states in a risky approach because it is uncharted territory for democratic party primaries| | Obama is focused on Republican...
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