Obama and the Congress

Topics: Barack Obama, United States, Firearm Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: January 17, 2014

In his speech, “The State of the Union,” President Barack Obama asserts that without proper background checks, regaining possession of propaganda, and adequate proportion of government weapons to civilian firearms, America will continue to witness horrific events however, it is the constitutional right to vote for rights of the people. Obama supports his assertion through repetition. Obama’s purpose is to tighten the second amendment in order to maintain order and safety of civilians. Obama employs an assertive and determined to appeal to Americans to take advantage of their voting rights.

The debate on gun violence is more based upon pathos and the emotional toll it takes upon those affected. Gun control is portrayed as a positive situation whereas, gun violence is portrayed upon a negative outlook. Gun violence affects, not only the victim, but anyone emotionally connected with the victim. Tragedy and firearms go hand-in-hand, and constraint of these fatal weapons is necessary to ultimately stop crime with firearms however, it is the people of America’s vote to take action.

Throughout Obama’s State of the Union, he repeatedly states it is the “people’s vote” to take action and constrain firearms to minimize these terrible tragedies. Obama thoroughly mentions the tasks that must be subjected in order to make a difference. He mentions that proper background checks are necessary in order to keep guns aways from criminals that may have a chance of harming innocence. As well as sufficient background checks he states that propaganda and advertising needs to be approached and ceased in order to constrain ammunition and make it more difficult to possess a weapon. Finally he addresses that in order to maintain civility government officials need to out proportion the civilians weapon count. However, he does this all through reminding America that it is their choice and their responsibility to take action and help this situation.

Obama asserts...
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