Obama and Racism

Topics: United States, President of the United States, African American Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: June 26, 2011
Rocky Rivers
June 26, 2011

Barack Obama

On November 4, 2008 Barack Obama, the former Junior Senator of Illinois, was elected to be the President of United States. This was considered a milestone by all, as President Obama had become the first black man to ever be elected as President. After years of rasicm, torment, and mistreatment, black people were finally able to feel like first-class American citizens. After all, it was one of their own who would be assuming the most important position in all of the world;President of United States. It was not just a victory for Blacks, rather for all minorities who ever had to experience the opression of racism.

The question remains, however; Was this an end to racism? Do we finally have the understanding of "All men are created equal"? Or was this a small victory for minorities? Can rasicm ever be, so to speak, defeated?

Unfortunately, I believe the answer is no. Racism is so steeped into American culture, that sometimes we don't even realize it. It is sad that whenever there are difference, there is hatred. I don't believe racism can ever be removed, due to the fact that as much as the government manipulates the law and reconstructs the Constitution, that still does nothing to remove hatred from people's heart. As many people as we can try to change and make them understand that they are just as equal as their fellow man, man just cannot remove from his mind the idea that he is superior; whether he feels superior because of skin color or because of religion. We still view the acceptance of so-called minorities as being ''tolerant''. Why is this tolerant? Why is one person's blood superior to anothers that it is as if he is doing a favor by ''tolerating'' his fellow man? Was not everybody born in the image of God? Is one's image more superior to the others?

The problem is racism is an idea. It is not something finite that we can eradicate with weaponry. People hate. That is how it is and...
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