Topics: United States, Barack Obama, Late Show with David Letterman Pages: 3 (1153 words) Published: March 2, 2014
Focusing mainly on Barack Obama’s candidacy speech of February 10th 2007,though using further examples if you wish, explore the methods that Obama uses to create rapport with his audience to suit his purposes.

Barack Obama’s candidacy speech is an important moment in the U.S politics because it is the starting point where he announces his candidacy. Obama’s speech took place in Springfield Illinois, in 2007, where former president Abraham Lincoln made his famous ‘House Divided’ speech. The main purpose of this speech was to announce his candidacy for the 2008 Presidential Elections; his other purposes was to portray himself as a man of integrity and convince his audience that he is a patriot. He does this by using different types of speech making methods such as, Prosody, Imagery and Rhetorical devices. Barack Obama then gets interviewed on the David Letterman show that opens him up to a wider range of people. Obama opens his speech by directly addressing the audience in front of him, ‘Hello Chicago!’ This creates an instant link with them because he is speaking directly to the audience and is a sort of thing a rock group might say and therefore builds up a sense of occasion. He then goes on to thanking his audience, ‘Let me begin by saying thanks to all of you who’ve travelled, from far and wide, to brave the cold today.’ He uses a polite imperative by saying ‘Let me begin,’ this shows respect and creates rapport because he is directly addressing the audience. However he then goes on to using contractions such as, ‘thanks’ and ‘who’ve’ which are an informal register which suggests that the audience are his friends. Furthermore, Obama uses clichés such as ‘far and wide’ and ‘brave the cold today’. He is flattering the audience because he implies that they have fought to be there – giving them a sense of empowerment and achievement. The choice of words in Obama’s candidacy speech reflects the positive, patriotic message his election campaign portrays. He...
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