Obama's Victory Speech

Topics: Rhetoric, Barack Obama, United States Pages: 4 (1635 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Barack Obama`s victory speech
The just reelected president, Barack Obama enters the stage a few hours after he announced his victory, supported by his family. He is going to deliver his victory speech which turns out to be one of his best speeches ever. It seems to be no ending to the cheering, but when the audience finally stops clapping, the first thing Obama says is thank you. He says that the task of perfecting the union moves forward, and that it moves forward because of the people of the United States. He refers to the American people as a big family that rise and fall together as one nation and one people. Obama enhances the cohesion by talking about the American people as “we” and “you” because they have made this together. Doing this emphasizes his credibility and his ethos, and the audience gets the feeling of being included in something huge and important. He thanks every American for participating in the election, and says that either if you held a Romney-sign or an Obama-sign, you have made your voice heard, and that is what matters. In this context he also uses humor to get people’s attention. He says that they have to fix the voting-lines, because they are too long. He also laughs at the end of this sentence. The humor strengthens his pathos, because I appeals to the audience. Obama shows some of his best properties when he chooses to thank Mitt Romney, his rival, the way he does. Obama includes him when he talks about moving the nation forward, and he also expresses his willingness to further cooperation. At the end of the time he uses to thank Romney, he also gets the audience to applaud for him. This really strengthens Obamas credibility and ethos in my point of view. The next person Obama chooses to thank, is the vice president; Joe Biden. He thanks him for being the best support and the best friend he ever could have imagined during the four last years. He says that his work has been invaluable. As in every other speech, he also in this...
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