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Topics: Psychology, Self-fulfilling prophecy, Cognitive biases Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: April 16, 2015
Case Study: Governance in times of crisis.

Jamie required help from other employees in order to get things on track. She was not able to judge anything at her own. I believe her motivational orientation was low. Also in my opinion Jamie did applied self-fulfilling prophecy against Paulette as she was influenced and impressed by his past behavior and based on her previous perception she judged him and neglected paulette’s current situation and behaviour. Moreover, Jamie strikes as an issue naive lady who neglected Paulette's few recklessness on any events. She bought Paulette's defensive arguments eventually every time. Her hesitation excessively makes her a very unrealistic possibility for her rank as she perpetually couldn't stand firm against Paulette. Besides, her serving toward oneself inclination, as Paulette helped her climbed the higher rungs, likewise made her powerless to seeing the circumstances wrongly.

Jamie made following attribution errors while judging Paulette: Halo effect was the most visible perception error Jamie was making. Jamie was always considering only external factors behind the cause rather than internal factors related to Paulette. Also she was suffering from Selective perception. When Claude and other members of organization tried to communicate with Jamie about the issues, she did not considered their request and said that she cannot believe anything against Paulette without any proof.

Paulette used following mentioned tactics:
1) Rational Persuasion: This can be reflected from the case on the basis that, she is well known in her organization and they trust her because of her 17 years of service with the obligation she was taking. 2) Inspirational Appeal: Jaime is keen on getting appreciation and satisfaction in the work field, Paulette could help her gain that by supporting her to turn into the VP. And have power on her. 3) Legitimacy: This kind of tactics is connected with the...
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