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Topics: Leadership, Management, Structure Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Case Analysis: Superstar Leaders
Dr Shekhawat is an exceptional doctor, who strives for excellence in everything he is involved in. He competes with everyone else in his profession, including himself to redefine the excellence level. He is revered as a magician in his profession by both co-workers as well as his patients. All patients wanted to be treated by him and everyone treats him as the ideal doctor image, and compares every other doctor who works at Dausa Kidney Hospital(DKH) with him. In fact, a lot of talented consultants and interns comes to DKH, mainly because of their aspirations to work with him, the experience they can gain with him and the weight of that experience in their future jobs. He indeed is a superstar doctor and is a magician in his trade. But despite all these, after Dr Shekhawat moved in full time to DKH and took over as the head of the institution, the tenure of the consultants and interns staying at DKH is constantly declining. Even some of his friends and long time co-workers left the institution. Fiedler’s contingency leadership theory suggests that, the group effectiveness is the result of the interaction between leadership style and situational favourableness. leadership effectiveness is the result of interaction between the style of the leader and the characteristics of the environment in which leader works. In the case of Dr Shekhawat, we can easily identify that he is a task oriented work master, and who expects everyone else to work just like him. He does not much emphasises or pay attention to his coworkers aspirations, areas of interest or their familial and other personal commitments outside work. In a factory environment or during an emergency, such leadership styles will work fine, as there, clear division of tasks and assigning it to the first available, capable person determines the success of the whole mission. But in the case of highly intellectual oriented jobs like research or in healthcare(as in this case), the...
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