Oak Hammock Marsh Assignment

Topics: Carbon dioxide, PH, Ecology Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Oak Hammock Marsh Assignment
During our time at the Marsh, our main goal was to determine if Oak Hammock Marsh was a healthy wetland ecosystem. The first thing we did was a biodiversity walk, which entailed the group to walk around the marsh and observe and identify different species that we saw. The most abundant of the species that we saw were birds. In total, we saw about eleven different species of bird. We saw numerous Canadian geese, seagulls and the American Coot ducks. We saw very few birds of prey, like the Northern Harrier, and mammals, such as the muskrat. We also saw numerous invertebrates, like the Wooly Bear caterpillar, and Amphibians like the Greater American Toad. From this we concluded that the animal biodiversity at the marsh was healthy and balanced.

Next we did a quadrat study of the marsh. In the dry quadrat, we identified two species of plants called the Golden Rod and Big Blue Stem plants. In the moist quadrat, we identified Canadian Thistle, which is an invasive species, not originating in the marsh. Finally, in the wet quadrat, we identified the spiked water- milfoil. The diversity at the marsh was immense and just by looking at the quadrat study; we could see that the marsh’s plant species are extremely diverse. The workers at the marsh take care of the invasive Canadian Thistle by burning the land to rid of the species.

Simply by looking at the data just from our biodiversity walk, we can see that the organism we observed and identified create a healthy and balanced food pyramid. At the base, we have the most abundant species, which would the plants. Second level of the pyramid, the primary consumers, we have the birds. And at the top of the pyriamid we have the seondary consumers, the birds of prey. The pyramid is balanced because each level can support eachother and therefore the ecosystem is healthy. As well, all important abiotic factors, such as temperature, water, and soil were evident and therefore,...
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