NYC in Transit

Topics: Train station, Amtrak, New York City Pages: 4 (1209 words) Published: October 16, 2014
Han Sung Kim
Madison Priest
New York City Transit System
Ever since high school, my one and only dream is to become a professional dancer. I practiced hours every day after coming home from school, and it is without a doubt my strongest passion. It was not until my senior year however, until I realized how improbable my chances were of succeeding as a dancer due to the competitive nature of it. With this in mind, I finished my academic career in high school on a strong note, which was enough to get admitted into a business college in New York City. I am now a student studying in the library by day, and a street dancer dancing in the New York City by night. As a competent dancer, I have performed as background dancer for a show called Americas Got Talent, danced in a few scenes from Step Up, and threw in a couple of stunts for directors of music videos. Not only that, I frequently enter B-boy tournaments and go up against world renowned street dancers every once in a while. These are all impressive activities to write up in a dancer’s resume, but I must say, these are not my favorite dance activities as a performer. Believe it or not, the place I enjoy expressing myself the most does not take place in a fancy gig, but instead, Penn Station. Please do not get me wrong. I love the cash, girls, and thrill that come with performing in a dance gig, but the feeling that comes out from performing in Penn Station is indescribable.

Around 6:00 P.M on Friday nights, I walk into the LIRR section of Penn Station while rolling my Yamaha “Powered Subwoofer” speakers. It has to be exactly 6:00 P.M at Friday night because that is when I schedule my performance with other artists who perform in the same spot as I do. Upon entering, I spot a couple homeless men, with their ragged shirt, bloodshot red eye, and matted hair, but I am grateful that they are not dozing in my performing area. When I reach my “stage,” I plug in my oversized speakers into an outlet. While I’m...
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