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Ric O'Barry and hos activist team pursued and fought for what they believed was right. They faced every obstacle and tried many things in order to shed light upon the issue of dolphins being slaughtered in Japan. They worked tirelessly and spent many hours to make a difference and bring about change. Ric O'Barry and his team are great examples of good global citizens.

In the documentary "The Cove", an activist named Ric O'Barry reaches out to the public and creates a team in order to bring upon change on the issue of slaughtering dolphins. He was a former dolphin owner and trainer. This all changed when his dolphin, Flipper, committed suicide right before his eyes. He then realized that captive dolphins are very depressed and face a lot of stress, which can cause them to die. As a result, he dedicated the rest of his life fighting for the realese of captive dolphins and the stop for the slaughtering of dolphins in the cove.

Before Ric developed an activist team, he went around realeasing captive dolphins everywhere. He was banned and hated by marine parks all across the country. He has been arrested multiple times for stealing dolphins and trespassing. Ric and his team also snuck in the cove for a test run to see if they can actually pull off setting surveillance cameras everywhere. Then after that, they deployed "full orcheatra". They placed surveillance cameras disguised as rocks and sound recorders under water. Ric and his team might have broken the law, but it was the only way to get good footage.

Ric tried to expose all of the complications of holding dolphins captive. He said that the dolphins are sensitive to sound and that the noise coming from the crowd causes stress. Stressed dolphins can also develope ulcers which have to be treated and can possibly kill them. A huge part of the doumentary is the slaughtering of dolphins as a source of meat in Japan. It has been said that about 23,000 dolphins are killed yearly in Japan. The government said that

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