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Title: Work Experience
Holland Work Experience Exchange
For those who wish to take part in the work experience exchange with Gynasium Beekvliet in Sint Michielgestal in Holland you will need to apply in writing to Kevin Bunting & Natasha Eason. Your letter of application is a formal document and should be presented as such ( this can be used as part of the second assignment for work experience unit) Application Deadline – 21st October 2013

Application submitted by handing in at office or by Email to kevin.bunting@derby-college.ac.uk Your letter of application should detail the following
Why you wish to undertake the exchange
What are your persoanal skills & qualities strenghts and weaknesses What type of work you would like to do and why
How do you think that the exchange will benefit you in your future career Why sould we pick you and what can you bring to the English team

Work Experience in England
You will be expected to find your own work experience placement, this placement must be full time for one week and where required you may be requested to work shifts including nights. The college must approve this placement and undertaking a vetting process as such we require the following details Contact Name

Full Address
Email Address
Telephone number
Type of job role.
You placement must be given to the college to arrange the vet process to approve the placement no later than 25th Novemeber 2013 You will be expected to go out on your placement during a 4 week period. Week commencing the 17th February/24th February/3rd March/10th March 2014

Work Experience Placement Information

Student Name


Company Name

Company Address

Company Contact Name

Email Address

Website Address

Telephone Number

Work Placement Details

Dates agreed for Placement
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