NVQ Level 3 Bus Admin Unit 329 Outcomes 1 to 6 Questions answered

Topics: Customer, Customer service, Sales Pages: 6 (2380 words) Published: March 2, 2015
Unit 329 Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer service to external customers

Outcome 1: Understand the meaning of external customers

Assessment Criteria

The learner can:

1.1 Describe what is meant by external customers
External customers are individuals or businesses who do not work for you but buy goods or services from you. As a manufacturer you may purchase your components parts from other companies and become their external customer. You then produce your product which you sell on to your own external customers. This can also apply to services, like hiring booking services as opposed to employing someone, you then become the bookkeepers external customer.

Outcome 2: Know the types of products and services relevant to external customers

Assessment Criteria

The learner can:

2.1 Describe the products and services offered by the organisation to external customers Using an example of an Accountancy Practice the products and services offered to customers can be, but not limited to: Production of annual accounts from incomplete records

Payroll services including calculation of tax, national insurance and production of payslips Formation and management of limited companies
Tax return completion from supplied records
Tax planning and business advice
Assistance and advice on wills
Online calculators and advice

Outcome 3: Understand how to deliver customer service that meets or exceeds external customer expectations

Assessment Criteria

The learner can:

3.1 Explain the purpose and value of identifying customer needs and expectations Firstly you will need to find out what are your customers needs and what they expect you to do. Only once you know this will you be able to fully meet the expectations. We need to communicate with our customers so that we can effectively work together. By doing this we will be more competitive as a business as working well with existing customers may helps to bring new customers to the company by recommendation. This in turn will increase profits as keeping your customers happy means they will continue to use you and may even increase their business with you. We can ensure that we provide the correct products or information to our customer thereby fully meeting their expectations. You show your customers that you are an effective business and they are more likely to use you rather than someone else. 3.2 Explain why customer service must meet or exceed customer expectations It is important that we meet or exceed our customers’ expectations because by not doing so means business and revenue could be lost causing detrimental damage to the business profits. By meeting or exceeding our service to internal customers: Customers will continue to use the business rather than look elsewhere. Happy customers helps boost staff morale meaning productivity is increased which in turn increases turnover making the business more successful. Generally it creates good publicity and gives the business an overall good reputation. 3.3 Explain the value of meeting or exceeding customer expectations Basically this will be because by meeting or exceeding expectations we increase business productivity which increases revenue and profits. We create more satisfied customers who are likely to remain loyal to the brand and increase new business by having a good reputation. By only meeting customers’ expectations they will be basically happy and not complain, but by ‘going above and beyond’ and exceeding their expectations, they will be incredibly happy and are more likely to recommend us to others. Customers want a good product (not necessarily the cheapest), want to feel like they have been well treated and looked after during their dealings with the business. 3.4 Explain the purpose and value of building positive working relationships Building positive working relationships helps to ensure you have a good line of communication creating an effective working...
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