Nvq Level 2 Health and Social Care

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201 Introduction to communication in
Health and Social care

Outcome 1 1. Identify reasons why people communicate.

A. People communicate in order to express themselves; their needs, wants, ideas, likes and dislikes etc. People also communicate for social reasons; talking to friends/family, or to express emotions such as anger, pain, frustration, happiness excitement etc. Communication is used to pass informtion on to other parties, so knowladge of a subject/person can be improved and built upon. Communication can also be used to describe something/somewhere to a person without them expreiencing it first hand. Communication is the cornerstone of how people live, it is adapted and manipulated for all to understand.

2. Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of own work

A. Effective communication is intrinsic with good working practice. If communication is poor, aspects of own work will be compromised. Within care, effective communication is at the forefront of every aspect of the role as ‘carer’. Without effective communication, relationships cannot be built, whether this be with the individuals within the care establishment or collegues, without relationships like these, it is not possible to provide a care service, or at least an adequate service. Communication with collegues is essential for passing information from one person to another, provided persons have a right to the information communicated. Information can be passed from collegue to collegue via verbal communication or written documents from care plans and daily reports, to fire books. Written communication has to be effective as it provides an ongoing picture of a certain person, situation or device. Effective communication between collegues is essential for care to be onging. Without effective communication care needs of the clients may go unoticed leading to medical problems, abuse, depression etc. Effective communication is essential when it comes to

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