NVQ L2 Unit 8 Use information and communication technology to support pupils’ learning. Knowledge Questions

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UNIT 8 – Use information and communication technology to support pupils’ learning

K1 the school’s ICT policy

Our school has an ICT policy that gives guidelines for all when working with ICT in the classroom or ICT suite. All adults in the school have to sign a form to say that when using ICT equipment in school we will not access any inappropriate content and will only use the resources in school for educational purposes. All ICT problems should be reported to the relevant ICT team and if we cannot resolve it ourselves then we have an additional specialist who comes in once a week to look at issues that we cannot resolve in house.

K2 the potential learning benefits of using ICT in different ways to support learning

ICT can be used in many ways to support lessons. We have interactive whiteboards in all our classrooms and this is the primary way in which ICT supports learning in all lessons. We have two ICT suites, one for Key Stage 2 classes and one for Key Stage 1 classes. All children throughout the school will visit the ICT suite at least once a week. We also have three sets of 16 netbooks that are booked out and taken to the classrooms to support learning in different subjects. They are also used for small group work. We have a digital camera in each class and a set of basic video cameras as well as lot’s of software that can be used to support learning. We have several programmes that are used especially to support certain subjects. For example we have an RM Maths programme that is used for 15 minutes three times a week in Key Stage 2 to help support and increase the children’s mental maths ability. We also have a programme called Abacus where the teachers set children tasks to do and they can follow this in their own time individually at a PC. This is used a lot in Key Stage 1 and also in a rota for Key Stage 2.

K3 how good quality ICT provision promotes pupils’ physical, creative, social and emotional and communication development alongside their thinking and learning

ICT can be used in all lessons to support the physical, creative, social and emotional and communication development. For example in PE the teacher will often use the laptop to demonstrate certain skills for the children to learn and also might use it show a dance or routine that they are going to practice together. We have lots of software packages that develop their creative thinking, with painting packages that use different styles of painting to create different types of pictures and develop their creativity. The computers can also be used to develop them socially as they often are asked to work in pairs, especially in Key Stage 1 , and this helps their social development, working and communicating with their partner.

K4 the relevant school curriculum and age-related expectations of pupils in the subject/curriculum area and age range of the pupils with whom you are working

I regularly receive planning for the children’s lessons in advance and this lets me know what national curriculum levels the children are working towards. I now mainly work with Key Stage 1 pupils and in Foundation they don’t have a specific national curriculum to follow but instead try to build up their basic skills on the computer so that when they get to year1 and start following the National Curriculum they can follow it easily with no problems. If I have any queries about what the levels are that the children should be obtaining then I discuss this with the teacher before the lesson.

K6 ways of selecting good quality ICT resources that encourage positive learning for pupils by applying selection criteria, e.g. allows the pupil to be in control, has more than one solution, not violent or stereotyped, stimulates pupils’ interests

When looking for good quality ICT resources I would always discuss this with my team leader and ICT lead teacher, and also the ICT technician and network manager as she has worked in a school environment...
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