Nvq Childcare Trasition Paper

Topics: Bullying, Feeling, High school Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: January 4, 2013

Find out what their worries are about starting,then break those down and explain how everyone that starts H/S is going through the same feelings and emotions.Go to the H/S together and have a look around it,so it does not feel so big and strange on the first day.Meet and speak to some teachers,so that they feel reasurred about starting and not everyone at the school will be a stranger.See if the child wants you to drop and collect them for a few days until they feel happier. I would pass on any concerns I had to the parent,then work together to support the child through all their transitions,such as social and emotional problems. BULLIED

Show your child that bullies are not nice people and that they have no friends if they where nice they wouldnt do what they are doing.Or maybe the bully is having their own problems at home,so maybe they are looking for a firend but dont know how to go about getting one the right way.Explain that they shouldnt be afraid of bullies as this is what makes them it all the more,tell them to say NO to the bully and to walk away,tell a teacher or grown up and dont be afraid,the bully will not do it again. If you were a childcare worker,it would be simular to that of a parent talking through any worries they may have,offer support to the parents if its needed. NURSERY

Talk to them little but often about nursery and why they are goin to be going there,go to the shop and get them a mini uniform to help with the trasition.Maybe go the first few days with another child that they know,so that they dont feel so alone and more like another day playing with their friend,maybe read some books in the evening about nursery. It is important to show reassurance,comfort show them around try to make them feel at ease. MOVING UP THE SCHOOL YEARS

Explain to them that they will be doing this with some of their friends and that they will be feeling the...
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