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|NAME OF SUBSTANCE |SAFE STORAGE |SAFE USE |SAFE DISPOSAL | | |Always Store in tightly closed original container in|Always wear protective rubber gloves and avoid |Ensure that bottles and or packaging are empty or | |BLEACH |a dry, well ventilated space – Do not store for long|contact with skin, eyes and mouth. Use in |drip/drop free if inverted. Less than 5 gallons can| | |periods of time and store away from acids or acid |ventilated open space – always wash hands after use |be flushed down the sink or toilet – run water | | |based products, foods and medicines. |and before eating, drinking, taking medicines and |continuously after flushing and disinfect | | | |using the toilet. Never mix with other chemicals. |sink/toilet. | | |Always Store in tightly closed original container in|Always wear suitable protective clothing and gloves |Dispose in accordance with local authority | |OVEN CLEANER |a cool, dry, well ventilated space – if in a spray |and eye/face protection. Avoid contact with skin |regulations for disposal of hazardous waste and in | | |container – do not store near naked flame, or near |and eyes and do not inhale vapours. Wash hands |appropriate hazard waste...
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