NVQ 2 ERR- Employment Rights and Responsibilities

Topics: The Residents, National Vocational Qualification Pages: 3 (1710 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Task A
Ai) Staff, Government websites and up to date books.Aii) a) Sickness, Holiday allowance and Hours of work. b) Health and safety at work act, Employment right act and the equality act. Aiii) Employment law exists to uphold the rights of the employer and their employees and to prevent any exploitation. Task B

Bi) In the terms and conditions, it describes a few things. Here are only a few. The first being the hours of work and how it will be worked. I am full time and therefore will be working 37 ½ hours a week. This is done over 5 shifts (8-4, 8-130, 4-10, 4-10 sleep and awakes (once trained)). Any preferences are expressed before the agreement is made. The second, is pay per hour. This is determined by age and the employer. This is again discussed before the agreement. The third and final thing I am going to cover is annual leave. This is the amount of paid holiday you are legal entitled too. This is determined by the amount of hours you work a week. For example if your working full time you are entitled to 28 days paid annual leave. It is also discussed how much notice you have to give before taking annual leave (i.e. 3 weeks). Bii) The things that have to show on your payslip employee details, any deductions made, the overall payment and the payment date. Employee details include the individuals National Insurance Number and Tax code. These are some of the things that help identify a person. The deductions usually made are national insurance and tax. These deductions are taken from your pay, before you receive it. Biii) The changes to your personal information that you should inform your employer about are, a changes to your address and any changes to your criminal history. The address will be so that any important information or letters can be sent you from your employer. The changes to your criminal history, will be so that your employer is aware of anything that may put their service users at risk. For example if you are arrested and...
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