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Topics: Harold Shipman, John Bodkin Adams, General Medical Council Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Dr Harold Fredrick Shipman

Dr Harold Fredrick Shipman(14 January 1946 – 13 January 2004) was an English and d[->0]octor with 250 plus murders being positively ascribed to him.After his trial, the Shipman Inquiry[->1] chaired by Dame Janet Smith[->2], begun on 1 September 2000 and lasting almost two years, investigated all deaths certified by Shipman. About 80% of his victims were women. His youngest victim was a 41-year-old man. Much of Britain's legal structure concerning health care and medicine was reviewed and modified as a direct and indirect result of Shipman's crimes. Shipman is the only British doctor who has been found guilty of murdering his patients. Harold Frederick Shipman was born in Nottingham[->3], England, the second of four children of Vera and Harold Shipman, a lorry[->4] driver.His working class[->5] parents were devout Methodists[->6].Shipman was particularly close to his mother, who died of lung cancer[->7] when he was 17.Her death came in a manner similar to what later became Shipman's own modus operandi[->8]: in the later stages of her disease, she had morphine[->9] administered at home by a doctor. Shipman witnessed his mother's pain subside in spite of her terminal condition, up until her death on 21 June 1963 In March 1998, Dr Linda Reynolds of the Brooke Surgery in Hyde, prompted by Deborah Massey from Frank Massey and Son's funeral parlour, expressed concerns to John Pollard, the coroner for the South Manchester District, about the high death rate among Shipman's patients. In particular, she was concerned about the large number of cremation forms for elderly women that he had needed countersigned. The matter was brought to the attention of the police, who were unable to find sufficient evidence to bring charges;The Shipman's Inquiry later blamed the police for assigning inexperienced officers to the case. Between 17 April 1998, when the police abandoned the investigation, and Shipman's eventual arrest, he killed three more people....
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