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Topics: Bacteria, Microorganism, Immune system Pages: 4 (1003 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Causes and Spread of Infection
Unit 22
* Bacteria are unicellular, prolcaryotic microorganism found almost in all kinds of habits. Some bacteria are beneficial like those involved in nitrogen fixation and some pathogenic, which causes diseases. * Viruses are unicellular, tiny organisms which are mostly composed of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) and protein. Its body compromises of head and tail sections. Viruses attach themselves to other organisms and severe infectious diseases. * Fungi are a group of simple plants whose cells are devoid of chlorophyll, fungus has chitis in its cell walls instead of cellulose. Fungi are popular for beneficial effects including food production, penicillin production and decomposition. * Parasites are those micro-organisms(hosts) for their survival both virus and bacteria could be parasite 1.2 common illness and infections caused by Bacteria are:

* Impetigo
* Salmonella
* Tuberculosis(TB)
* Cholera
* Anthrax
* Shingella
* Pertssis (whooping cough)
* Bubonic plague
* Leprosy
Common illness and infections caused by Viruses are:
* Aids/HIV
* Hepatitis
* Polio
* Cold
* Chicken pox

Common illness and infections caused by Fungi are:
* Thrush
* Ringworm
* Anthrax
* Athletes foot
Common illness and infections caused by parasites are:
* Diarrhoea(coccidosis)
* Malaria
* Toxoplasmosis
* Cryptosporidiosis

1.3 Infection means an illness caused by the growth of a germ on or in a person. Sometimes the infection does not give any symptoms this is called an ‘asymptomatic’ infection. Colonisation is when the germ is commonly found on our body without causing an illness. Carriage may be short term (transient) for example, acquired by touching someone but quickly removed by washing your hands, or persistent with the germ multiplying on your body. 1.4 systemic infections is an infection that enters the blood stream and makes the...
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