Nuture Vs Nature

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Human nature, Intelligence quotient Pages: 2 (1208 words) Published: October 21, 2014

Which do you believe has a greater influence on healthy brain development, nature or nurture? Refer to at least ONE piece of research to support your argument. In order for a child to develop holistically, he or she should inhabit a healthy brain. In the article Early Experiences Matter from the Zero to Three National Center, states that brain development is a lifelong project. It continued to explain that the events that shape the brain during development are also equally responsible for storing information, new skills and memories throughout one’s lifespan. Nature is referred to the hereditary information we receive from our parents at the moment of conception. Whereas nurture is the various forces of physical and social worlds that influence our human makeup (Berk, 2006). Though both nature and nurture are said to be a great influence on a healthy brain development I believe that nurture has the greater influence on a healthy brain through the influence of the conditions in the environment rather than nature which is just inherited genes (Mc Devitt & Ormrod, 2007). “Children’s experiences in the environment affect all aspects of their being, from the health of their bodies to the curiosity of their minds. Nurture affects children’s development through multiple channels: physically through nutrition, activity and stress; intellectually through informal experiences and formal instruction; and socially through adult role models and peer relationships. With good environmental support, children thrive! (Mc Devitt & Ormrod, 2007, para. 4).” Although sometimes the nurturing aspect can be negative, parents and caretakers should provide assistance in cases children may encounter. In doing so children can recover from negative situations early. Children can also adapt the ability to be resilient when facing threats to development (Berk, 2006). From this, the nurturing of a healthy brain development can even influence the way in which genes work and that is...

References: Berk, L. (2006). Child development. Retrieved from, P
The new development in brain research shines the light on what our children need. We as parents and caretakers are therefore obligated to adapt and ensure that our children receives (Hawley & Gunner 2000).
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