Nutritional Report

Topics: Nutrition, Vitamin C, Vitamin Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: December 14, 2014
The similarities and differences in the nutritional and energy requirements of different population groups This report will compare the difference in nutritional and energy requirements of that of Children and Elderly people; exploring what levels of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and proteins they both need. Children

Carbohydrates are the bodies’ main source of energy. As a child is growing, they are very busy; always on the move, playing and learning new things. Therefore they will need a large part of their diet to consist of carbohydrates to keep them going through the day to ensure normal growth, both physically and mentally. However, not all carbohydrates are good as (like anything) over-indulging will cause weight gain which may result in obesity, leading to problems later on in life such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, some types of cancer such as breast or bowel cancer, and strokes. Because of this, children should eat more complex carbohydrates than simple carbohydrates as simple carbohydrates cause a rapid rise in blood sugar and they don’t supply large doses of essential nutrients into the body. Diets rich in complex carbohydrates supply key nutrients such as fibre, protein, calcium and iron, and also reduce the risk of weight gain and heart disease. Children should be stocking up on fat-soluble vitamins, preparing for growth spurts, especially when reaching adolescence. During this period of life, extra energy is required for both growth and physical activity so a child’s diet should be made up of foods that supply nutrients instead of just empty calories. Elderly

Elderly people however are less active and therefore do not require as many carbohydrates as they would’ve done earlier on in life. Depending on their activity level, they may have reduced needs for energy and protein by 25-30% or maybe more if they lead more of a sedentary lifestyle. However this could result in them eating less in general because they don’t need to keep...
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